Will the Google Chrome Browser Help The Mobile Web?

Techcraver posts today about the new Google Chrome browser and its possible impact on the Mobile Web.
He points out that the Browser will probably be rolled out as a Mobile browser after it will be made available to Windows, Mac and Linux.
Also Om Malik over at Gigaom see Chrome as a browser that “can carve out a nice chunk of the (mobile) browser market.
Phandroid even goes that far to say that “Chrome…could become the preferred mobile web browser and bridge the ever narrowing gap between the desktop and mobile experience”.

I am convinced that Google has a bigger strategy for Chrome and since they failed to transcode websites on the fly (like everybody else), this might be the way to go and open up a fast mobile web to Android other platforms.

For me the past two weeks have been clearly the “Google Weeks”. Their recent Admanager and now Chrome launches just have an impact beyond believe.

September 2, 2008

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