What happend to Motorola?

The other day I was wondering what happened to Motorola, the pre Iphone mobile device star. So I visited the Motorola cell phones store online in order to check out the latest gadgets. The RazR apparently went down faster than anybody can imagine and I would not be surprised if the competitive smart phone market will look completely different in 2-3 years. Maybe the Iphone will have done it’s part and Nokia, Google or Motoral will run the show….

But back to Motorola. The latest gadget was the Moto Q 9c. Looks like a sold smartphone and pretty close to a Blackberry. It’s got a nice 1.3 megs camera w. flash in it and runs with Windows Mobile 6.

So overall not a bad phone. So why the hell is everybody focused on the BB? Is it just the branding or what does a BB have that the Moto Q doesn’t? A mediocre app store maybe or special mobile internet capabilities? I definitely will check out Motorola again

May 14, 2009

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