WAP Hosting

Since normal web hosting companies are beating each other up with additional services, the mobile wap hosting business is completely different. Most companies offer complete website builders and wap hosting solutions for free. Some even use tickets and a ticketing service to provide full customer support online.

There are several good companies out there but it’s sometimes tough to distinguish. Here a few ideas of where to host a mobile website:

1. Host locally
I think this is one of the most important things to do. Host your website in the target country

2. Host with larger companies or reliable companies that are ideally affiliated with the carriers.
You certainly don’t want to be blocked by a carrier if you run a serious business on the mobile web.

3. Multiple Device Hosting
Make sure hosting supports multiple devices. There are several settings that could make mobile devices cause errors or problems. Hosting a mobile website should be open to as many mobile devices as possible.  Especially for mobile analytics data is something you might also don’t want to share with third parties

4. No traffic limit
The mobile ESPN site receives more traffic than the regular ESPN site. Make sure that you have enough resources to support seasonal traffic

November 3, 2009

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