Shopping Kangaroos And Other “Mobile Devices” In Australia

I’ve been talking to my friend over in Melbourne and was wondering what I could pick up as a gift from my vacation. I heard tons of people buy the didgeridoos instruments when Shopping Australia, but I would be too afraid that the airline (Cathay Pacific) might break it.
No with all seriousness: I am sure some electronic devices will be cheaper over there. They might have shipped a bit longer, but due to the great exchange rate, it’ll be worth it.

I defintely won’t buy a GPS device, but I am sure a good camera or some good Australian wine would look great in my cabinet.

Since I cannot get a real Kangaroo home and the Kangaroo sneakers are not in style…I’d maybe should go for the Krazyrunner – one of the best “mobile devices” in the market :). I bet it even beats the Iphone.

But wait..they are not goo in terms of weight. Oh well…maybe Joey the Kangaroo will be a good one.

November 3, 2010

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