SafeSync: Secure Files and Simple Transfers

These days, there’s an app for everything. Today’s most-talked-about mobile apps include real-time maps, enhanced-reality programs that provide an information overlay for the world, and barcode scanners that instantly search prices over the Internet. While these programs are powerful and useful tools, it is quiet and unassuming data backup apps that have truly revolutionized the way we store and share information in the age of mobile technology. TrendMicro, a venerable software manufacturer best known for their web security software, has made the latest foray into this app genre with SafeSync. This program’s multi-platform compatibility and ease of use offers affordable, secure, off-site backup with a minimum of hassle for the end user.

Backups /Online storage solutions are without question the best way to secure important, vulnerable data. Different forms of data backup provide different degrees of security: merely copying a file to a different hard disk drive on the same computer offers no benefit if a power surge strikes or a burglar makes off with the computer. Similarly, backing up data onto physical media such as CDs or DVDs provides more protection, but is very time-consuming and requires organization and foresight. The most reliable options are data backup services that upload user data to an encrypted account; the redundancy and off-site nature of the backup mitigate nearly all threats.

SafeSync streamlines the off-site backup process. Users pay an annual fee in exchange for a preset amount of storage space; different packages allow users to choose a size that matches their needs. Because SafeSync works with Windows PCs, Macs, and both iOS and Android smartphones, users with a range of devices can rely on SafeSync for easy file transfer. In essence, SafeSync functions as a high-capacity shared folder that users can access from nearly anywhere, improving productivity and data security at the same time.

SafeSync’s range of features includes version-history maintenance, i.e. the program keeps a history of previously saved versions of files in case of accidental edits or damage to a current file. In addition, SafeSync integrates with social networks, allowing users to upload files and photos from any computer or mobile device. Most importantly, SafeSync’s security is military-grade: TrendMicro’s 256-bit AES encryption system is identical to that used by various online banks and many government agencies. AES is thought to be unbreakable by standard methods, meaning that your data will always be safe from prying eyes or anyone wishing to modify it. For peace of mind in the face of data dangers, SafeSync is one of the best choices on the web.

April 3, 2011

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