Overview Mobile Coupon Apps

The online coupon craziness finally reached the mobile app market.  First and foremost Groupon, who made the loudest noise across the web. But also other services such as Yowza or Gilt have a fair share of the market.

Here a list of services:

Groupon Mobile App: Local results from across the web. Customized to specific location

Couponsherpa: Old and aged coupon service. Mostly for in-store coupons

Couponheaven: Coupon codes for all kinds of services. Mostly online, less in-store

Coupons.com – Old and aged coupon service out of California

Shooqer – Mobile Coupon App

Conterable Mobile Coupons – Mostly lifestyle coupons

There are many more services, but these are the most common used ones. For a full list visit Appstorehq.com

November 23, 2010


Despite the Apple fanboy community threatening to kill me on Facebook, I bought the Mytouch4G w from T-mobile.

It’s an HTC phone based on a faster network than At&T and Verizon and it just flies. I have never tested the lasted Droid version before, but I love the UI, the Apps and everything that comes with it. The sad part about the phone is that it doesn’t feel like you belong to the cool kids. It’s just not a BMW, Porsche or Audi.

It’s probably a marketers dream to have such an established brand such as Apple and even superior products cannot outperform your product, b/c you own the brand.

Well…enough complaining: I love the 4G mytouch, but I hate that it doesn’t have the Apple sticker.

November 6, 2010

Shopping Kangaroos And Other “Mobile Devices” In Australia

I’ve been talking to my friend over in Melbourne and was wondering what I could pick up as a gift from my vacation. I heard tons of people buy the didgeridoos instruments when Shopping Australia, but I would be too afraid that the airline (Cathay Pacific) might break it.
No with all seriousness: I am sure some electronic devices will be cheaper over there. They might have shipped a bit longer, but due to the great exchange rate, it’ll be worth it.

I defintely won’t buy a GPS device, but I am sure a good camera or some good Australian wine would look great in my cabinet.

Since I cannot get a real Kangaroo home and the Kangaroo sneakers are not in style…I’d maybe should go for the Krazyrunner – one of the best “mobile devices” in the market :). I bet it even beats the Iphone.

But wait..they are not goo in terms of weight. Oh well…maybe Joey the Kangaroo will be a good one.

November 3, 2010

Iheadphones for Ipad

I was pretty annoyed with the little headset that Apple offers when delivering an Iphone. The Ipad however did not even come with a headphone, so I decided to get out there and buy one.

Since I am currently in the UK…I thought…well..no Bestbuy, but mayb one of these crappy Radio shack clones should have it. I guess I was wrong.

So, where else can a pseudo blogger go: The internet.
Was checking out different places such as Headphoneworld and Tesco online, but all not my taste. I did not want to get Bose headphones. They are just too expensive and did not want to spend the money.

So found a great shop and bought picked one of a bunch of great headphones Iheadphones.co.uk:

Aerial& Matador Midnight in Black – 49 Pounds and a bit. Wonder if people will call me out as “Eurotrash” once I am back in the US 🙂

November 2, 2010

Acupuncture app and how to spam the search engines

iLocate is pretty cool Acupuncture application which allows you tofind out where all the accupuncturists are. The app is based on your location.

Well this sounds quite interesting doesn’t it? Well this app is obviously not advertised for acupuncture, but rather to spam some search engines.
I think most people tend to just walk around and not care about the closest actupuncturist, but rather the closest Itialian restaurant.

So what does this tell us?

Mobile apps become so main stream that companies set up affiliate programs and try push there product out there as much as they can. Once an app is downloaded….it’s there and won’t move unless you really screw up. I bet a bunch of companies haven’t even considered that. Just imagine every time you go to you offline desk you have a stapler from XYZ standing there. Pretty sick.

Anyways…..if you really need acupuncture visit TCM.org or read more about it at your local acupuncture society.

October 26, 2010

Ventrilo Servers and Hosts

Ventrilo is a voice-over-IP (VoIP) software allowing for effective voice or text communication. It consists of two parts: a server, hosted by one person, which functions as a hub for people to connect, utilizing the client. All users who wish to join a server must have a client. Ventrilo features a simple, intuitive interface easy for new users to grasp, and it uses minimal CPU resources which makes it ideal for running in the background to maintain communication while other programs are open.

For this reason, Ventrilo (or Vent, as it’s referred to by gamers) is the preferred voice chat medium of online multi-player games such as World of Warcraft or Call of Duty. High-speed communication allows for greater organization and efficiency in team game play, and permits players to stay connected even if the game crashes. To a lesser extent, Ventrilo servers are also used for taking phone calls in a radio broadcast and for more general voice chatting.

The Ventrilo client and server are free for download for a server taking on fewer than eight users. Otherwise, a server must be purchased or rented from a company licensed to host servers. Server rental is the cheapest and most common option.

TNCC Hosting (www.tncchosting.com) has a reputation for affordable rates and prompt customer service. The support line connects to someone to help quickly, and they are always upfront and honest with their customers.

Instant Ventrilo (www.instantventrilo.com) is very flexible about increasing or decreasing server capacity, has no limits on bandwidth or quality settings, and is highly reliable.

Dark Star, LLC (www.darkstarllc.com) provides excellent rates for high-volume servers and puts them on excellent bandwidth. They provide all the voice codecs, and even in the middle of the night, support tickets are answered within minutes. Buyer beware, however, as there have been reports of difficulty cancelling Dark Star service.

TypeFrag (www.typefrag.com) has numerous servers across the US and Canada and has well-priced package deals, including 15% off for a 3-month subscription. Over several years, TypeFrag shows minimal downtime and helpful support.

Gameservers (www.gameservers.com) is immensely popular and suffers from some quality loss due to overload, but they are very reasonably priced and serve quite well for casual users.

Explore various options before choosing a Ventrilo server as it’s a waste of money to rent a server inconsistent with the user’s needs. High-performance servers are not necessary for general chat functions, but a gamer clan or guild with many members may need to invest more into a server to attain the degree of communication needed.

October 23, 2010

Job Search Via Mobile

I’ve been digging around today in different job engines since we are looking for a new mobile developer. I was looking into Simply Hired, Doostang, Monster, Indeed, Jobsyndicates, Stepstone and a bunch of other job search engine companies.
I am a little bit depressed on how the job search works these days. As a good employee you are not really submitting or updating your resume in the job search engines anymore. An employer with a big brand name is going to pick you up in a sec, but what happens to the medium and small employers, who desperately are looking for good people and in many cases…pay more money.

Finding a good job candidate is really a cat and mouse game these days. No wonder why famous guys like Khosla recommend that CEO’s spend 50% of the time looking to hire new people. HR for the smart brains is becoming more and more competitive. I bet Google, Yahoo and Microsoft can sing a song about that 🙂

But we’ll see. Maybe social media job search engine is the future.

October 14, 2010

Remote Control Apps

So…since I finally became an Apple fan userand owner of Ipods & Ipads….I am quite impressed of how good the appworld works for everything, that could be controlled via remote.

Be it my AC through my local electricity, my PC via Splashtop or Netflix on my TV. It’s amazing what Apps can do with your life.

A friend of mine even got so far to buy a drone with cameras. Just sick to fly around and watch on your Ipad or Iphone what’s happening around you.

I am sure that people even develop remote car starters , so you can keyless enter your car and get it warm in the winter.  Actually…just googled it and there is an app for the Viper.

Well whatever…as long as I cannot remotely walk my dog….nothing special 🙂

October 13, 2010

Mobile SEO Tools.

I was looking into different SEO Software today and was surprised that there are not really any Seo software tools for mobile optimization. There are some agencies, who claim to do just do Mobile SEO, but non really are into it.

Even tomorrows SMX show in NYC won’t really get into Mobile SEO anymore.

Is Mobile SEO dead?

October 3, 2010

Gilt Mobile

I’ve got to say that Gilt Mobile is becoming one of the best shops in the web. I’ve been shopping around with Zappos and Co, but the pricing of Gilt is something that beats all the other ones. Two weeks ago I bought New Balance sneakers for $32…usually they are $130.

Today I was checking and now they are even offering Gym memberships for low prices. I’d say it is a no-brainer to join Gilt. Only problem I see is that a bunch of items get sold so quickly that only the bad stuff is left over. It’s really about shopping in time.

We’ll see how good they are in the future. I’d like to buy some Gym Equipment if they ever decide to go in that market. I’d love to have an outdoor treadmill if something like this exist. Otherwise I probably should get a WII and put that on my balcony.

October 2, 2010

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