Overview Mobile Coupon Apps

The online coupon craziness finally reached the mobile app market.  First and foremost Groupon, who made the loudest noise across the web. But also other services such as Yowza or Gilt have a fair share of the market.

Here a list of services:

Groupon Mobile App: Local results from across the web. Customized to specific location

Couponsherpa: Old and aged coupon service. Mostly for in-store coupons

Couponheaven: Coupon codes for all kinds of services. Mostly online, less in-store

Coupons.com – Old and aged coupon service out of California

Shooqer – Mobile Coupon App

Conterable Mobile Coupons – Mostly lifestyle coupons

There are many more services, but these are the most common used ones. For a full list visit Appstorehq.com

November 23, 2010

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