Mobile Website Builder Software Reviews

Similiar to website building company WebStarts more and more companies are considering developing mobile websites without having extensive knowledge of the mobile space.

Mobile purchasing is a growing industry that requires the attention of business owners. Many business owners are nurturing their company’s primary websites, but little attention has been dedicated to mobile websites and purchases made on those websites. Yankee Group predicts that the number of global mobile transactions will almost reach $1 trillion by 2014. Since millions of dollars in mobile transactions occur daily, business owners must ensure they have the infrastructure and technology to address these business needs.Here are a few mobile website builder software companies that will help business owners build their mobile websites and capitalize on the millions of dollars that exchange hands daily in the online mobile community:

Wix allows business owners to build and host mobile websites for free. This company is one of the few companies that offers free templates and free hosting. The options are tremendous for companies with limited budgets. Companies can now afford to launch a website for mobile applications without paying a web designer an additional fee for the functionality. Wix will guide business owners through the process of building and hosting the mobile website.There are over 100 different customizable templates to select for the mobile design. There is even a template that allows users to build the website from scratch. With mobile shopping cart technology and increased visibility, business owners have nothing to lose.

Google Sites

Google Sites allows users to build their mobile websites in minutes instead of days. Since Google Sites is free, there is nothing to lose by building a mobile website. The process is simple and easy-to-follow. If your company already has a primary website, GoMo will evaluate your existing website and make recommendations for improvement for a mobile website. Once the website is built, website builders can evaluate the effectiveness of the mobile website.There are several different templates available to address a variety of industries. For instance, there are pre-established mobile templates for restaurants, lead generation, local business, eCommerce and social. Customized mobile websites are also available. Users may choose from over five different template colors.


Wapple empowers its users by providing tools to assist with mobile website design. The company ensures that mobile websites are optimized to perform on every mobile platform on the market. Wapple mobile site builder software is award winning.Users have the opportunity to take advantage of a free trial, but there will be some charges assessed after the trial is complete. Wapple professionals offer customers a full range of mobile web services which include: creative guidance, design, website development, marketing, consultation and assistance with deployment. Tutorials are also available to guide users through the process of mobile website development.


GoMobi recognizes that business owners depend on the revenue from the mobile web to survive. GoMobi provides services to ensure revenue increase once the mobile website is developed. The company assists customers by ensuring that the mobile website renders properly across 9,000 different mobile devices. GoMobi allows users to use customer feedback and data to build websites tailored to each customer’s feedback.Since GoMobi sites are hosted in the cloud, accessibility is easier. Changes can be made from any location anywhere with minimal effort. GoMobi incorporates many features to make the process of mobile website development easier. The development process is easy enough for even a non-technical person to understand.

Your Company Cannot Afford To Delay Mobile Website Development. Select a mobile website builder software to meet your company’s needs. With the number of dollars generated from mobile transactions, companies cannot afford to not claim their portion of the market share. Consider how mobile website builder software can help your company build a mobile website that will help your company achieve their mobile revenue goals.

July 31, 2012

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