Mobile web design companies

With 2000+ devices, multiple carriers and various mobile OS versions designing for the mobile world becomes
more difficult day by day. After talking to a few guys over at Crisp here are the top 15 rules to apply for mobile web design:

1. Avoid using tables for the main layout.
2. Use CSS. Period!
3. Use UTF-8 characters in the code
4. Design for usability and with the small size screen in mind
5. Use lists over text fields. Typing on a mobile phone is still a pain
6. Design light pages. 20kb should be the max
7. Use .gif or .jpg images for maximum compability
8. Use valid markup
9. Simplify whatever you can simplify
10. Give users the option to use normal site
11. Don’t force users to download the app
12. Limit scrolling to one direction
13. Avoid pop-ups or open new window function
14. Minimize use of images
15. Optimize navigation
16. Avoid Flash and Javascript (if possible).
17. Double-check that re-direct to Mobile page is setup right
18. Use Mofuse, Mippin or Mobilesitegalore or anyone of the other mobile web design companies  if you don’t know how to design a mobile website 🙂

January 12, 2011

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