Mobile Web Design Companies

With the advent of mobile web usage, more users are accessing the Internet from many more types of devices than ever. This has created a need for business owners to employ mobile web design strategies for their websites.

Web design companies have always created different strategies, depending upon the type of project they are working on. Now that the mobile marketplace has exploded, every website design needs to have a way to function adequately in the mobile web space.

Even very straightforward websites need to include a thoughtful approach for the mobile experience. The screens are smaller, so the content needs to fit that space well enough so that users may access it adequately. Whether it happens to be a content driven, e-commerce, or interactive application, each website must incorporate a strategy that easily engages the mobile customer.

There are critical aspects to mobile webdesign that differ from traditional sites. Mobile web designers, developers and web site owners all need to consider the process and strategy before beginning to construct a new website. Many websites need to be adapted to include the new design components.

First, mobile webdesign companies should thoroughly understand their client’s business objectives and how they will relate to the mobile website. Secondly, those objectives need to be prioritized and implanted into the design hierarchy.

For existing designs, these objectives will need to be translated to a mobile sensibility using specialized parameters. To that end, the mobile webdesign company focus will be limited to top objectives, since there is a limited space to work within. Study tracking so that the development and design incorporates this very key data.

Coordinate the branding strategy so that it is in sync with the marketing message. This is very important, as the brand will be the most recognizable aspect that the mobile website will need to convey.

Consider the browsers and devices being used by visitors. Build the site keeping focused on device support. Target the browsers through the development, test and launching phases. Optimize the mobile webdesign site to cover the varied landscape of browsers available.

Mobile web designers should simplify whatever is possible, to keep load times and file sizes under control. However, mobile webdesign companies should still be able to create compelling websites. For example, there are tools to effect drop shadows, rounded corners and gradients that are customized for the smaller screen and lessened download speeds.

Technically speaking, mobile web designs do well with single column layouts. This structure helps manage space limitations and to scale for the different resolutions for each device, particularly for landscape and portrait modes.

The mobile web designer should scale the font sizes for reading ease and adapt for clickable elements such as buttons, links and menus to convert them to tapping. This will mean using larger buttons which may be pressed easily with fingers and the thumb. Also, there are various sizes of hands to account for.

Ensure that a button or link changes visually to prevent user confusion. Visual feedback is essential for mobile web design. Consider loading images that are animated so that it is obvious that an action is in process. For example, engage a spinning top picture as subsequent pages load.

Try the mobile website on many devices. You can do this by installing a developer SDK for platforms such as Android iPhone or emulators on the web to accurately review how successful the new sites are.

The most important thing that mobile web design companies may do is to prepare for and be accountable for each component necessary ahead of time, to launch the most effective mobile web site possible.

May 7, 2012

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