The Top 4 Mobile CRM Applications

Having your clients and prospects with you, becomes more and more important for any kind of reps. Most companies nowadays offer mobile applications to handle the stuff and we’ve had a look at them:

Oracle Mobile CRM

Oracle’s Mobile CRM allows to manage key customer relationships data. It integrates with on-device calendar and contact applications, but limited to the iPhone only.  Great advantage of the software is the fact that it is extandable and customizable. Initiated was this mobile effort a while back when Mr. Charles Phillips was in place.

SalesForce Mobile App

It allows clients to always stay on top of customer issues, keep tabs on the latest performance KPIs plus allows to fine tune service operations so everything keeps running smoothly.

SAP Mobile Solution (Enterprise Mobility Software):

First of all it is to mention that the SAP Mobile Solution is powered by the Sybase Unwired Platform. It aims to reduce call planning and execution times by allowing to create quotes and orders on the fly. What’s also a big differentiator to Salesforce or Oracle ist the  “Near Me” functionality just like Sonar. What’s also great is the fact that it allows collaboration and other features to close sales.

Sugar CRM Mobile App

Sugar CRM is not as known as the 3 companies above, but they offer an open-source low-buget version of Salesforce. Recently they have launched their mobile app and clients love it, b/c it is very sophisticated with tons of interesting features:

Mobile Browser – which allows you to access a mobile friendly CRM version with ANY phone

Sugar Mobile App for Iphone and Blackberry

Sugar Mobile Plus: Sugar Mobile Plus gives users access to Sugar data from their smartphone or tablet via a native application with offline sync capabilities, which also stores a copy of the CRM data securely on the mobile device. Sugar Mobile Plus is available for BlackBerry, iPad, and iPhone.


August 21, 2012

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