Itouch Charger

A little offtopic, but the past few days I was looking at an Iphone / Itouch charger, so I finally can get that little gadget charged again. The entire process with charging my Itouch with a USB cable is just no fun and super time intensive.

I checked out a few cellular accessories stores on the web and there is so many different variations ( Wall charger / Car charger / Sync & Charger / Charger stations  and even Solar Chargers), that i got fed up and ordered a $4.95 charger at Ebay.

The solar chargers looked nice and I am usually for the environment, but $79 to get my Itouch refueld?
Sorry…not in my book 🙂

So long story short: If you need a charger for your Itouch/Iphone you don’t need to run to Apple and spend $30 for it.

I am PC 🙂

May 28, 2009

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