Iheadphones for Ipad

I was pretty annoyed with the little headset that Apple offers when delivering an Iphone. The Ipad however did not even come with a headphone, so I decided to get out there and buy one.

Since I am currently in the UK…I thought…well..no Bestbuy, but mayb one of these crappy Radio shack clones should have it. I guess I was wrong.

So, where else can a pseudo blogger go: The internet.
Was checking out different places such as Headphoneworld and Tesco online, but all not my taste. I did not want to get Bose headphones. They are just too expensive and did not want to spend the money.

So found a great shop and bought picked one of a bunch of great headphones Iheadphones.co.uk:

Aerial& Matador Midnight in Black – 49 Pounds and a bit. Wonder if people will call me out as “Eurotrash” once I am back in the US 🙂

November 2, 2010

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