How To Add SMS To Your Business

I am here at Mobilecam NYC 3 in the Microsoft offices.
I couldn’t find the SMS Election session, so I am here in another great session called “How To Add SMS To Your Business”. I’ve been to the session last year and launched a few SMS campaigns since…..but I hope to get an idea about the adaption of SMS (which always was my biggest problem).

Session starts:

SMS is not Email. Technical Reasons: 120 bytes, only  160 characters in English (Chinese other  characters take even more). No unique means of tracking a conversation.

SMS is a Privilege not a Right.
All Carriers will audit your application. If there are issues come up, you have 4 days to come up with a fix or carrier will shut you down. Aggregators like MxTelecom. Mblox or Textopoly can usually help to avoid this situation. (Also Marketing Guide).

Opt-in, Opt-out, Quit/end service needs to be in place (see marketing guide):

The Future about SMS:..Hopefully free. SMS costs in Europe are almost half of US, Asia about 1 Cent. There is currently no Mobile SMS advertising network for smaller SMS sites).

November 15, 2008

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