Hanging Out At The Vatican

I’ve been waiting to make a trip to Italy for a while, but finally decided to visit Rome this summer.
It’s not for business or a mobile expo, but I am still going to be excited to see how a country that lives outside will use the mobile phone.

My extended family and me will be staying in the Vatican quarter. Not in a hotel, but rather at a residence roma. We were neve thrilled to stay in an 80ties hotel for $200/night, so an apartment complex will be it.
What’s great about rented apartments is the fact that I can bring my kids and cook our own meals without feeling awkward.
The apartment also has free WiFi, so I don’t need to pay for it every day and beg the hotel to set it up for $30/day. Last..the apartment complex we picked has a gym and in striking distance to the Vatican and all the other beautiful things that I haven’t seen. This will be my first time in Rome and after reading 3+ years Latin books in school I finally made my way over there.

Apologies for the offtopic stuff, but sometimes I just get excited and blast out a post like this 🙂

May 10, 2012

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