Happy 4th of July

Auch nach Deutschland..frohen 4ten Juli! Falls das Wetter heute ist werde ich heute diese Aussicht geniessen.

July 3, 2009

QR Code generator

Quick note: This weekend I will fix the QR Code generator and the blog design. I haven’t had a chance over the past 6 weeks, bit I’m ‘happy that we got this blog fully up and running again after Dreamhost messed us up. Some stuff is still a little stlow, but bear with me……it’ll be full speed up in no time.

Thanks for hanging in there….

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May 14, 2009

What happend to Motorola?

The other day I was wondering what happened to Motorola, the pre Iphone mobile device star. So I visited the Motorola cell phones store online in order to check out the latest gadgets. The RazR apparently went down faster than anybody can imagine and I would not be surprised if the competitive smart phone market will look completely different in 2-3 years. Maybe the Iphone will have done it’s part and Nokia, Google or Motoral will run the show….

But back to Motorola. The latest gadget was the Moto Q 9c. Looks like a sold smartphone and pretty close to a Blackberry. It’s got a nice 1.3 megs camera w. flash in it and runs with Windows Mobile 6.

So overall not a bad phone. So why the hell is everybody focused on the BB? Is it just the branding or what does a BB have that the Moto Q doesn’t? A mediocre app store maybe or special mobile internet capabilities? I definitely will check out Motorola again

QR Code meets fashion

QRCode (or in this case Blotcode) meets fashion and art. Mobile Barcamp is always inspiring:

Via Demarketplace.com/blog

November 16, 2008

How To Add SMS To Your Business

I am here at Mobilecam NYC 3 in the Microsoft offices.
I couldn’t find the SMS Election session, so I am here in another great session called “How To Add SMS To Your Business”. I’ve been to the session last year and launched a few SMS campaigns since…..but I hope to get an idea about the adaption of SMS (which always was my biggest problem).

Session starts:

SMS is not Email. Technical Reasons: 120 bytes, only  160 characters in English (Chinese other  characters take even more). No unique means of tracking a conversation.

SMS is a Privilege not a Right.
All Carriers will audit your application. If there are issues come up, you have 4 days to come up with a fix or carrier will shut you down. Aggregators like MxTelecom. Mblox or Textopoly can usually help to avoid this situation. (Also Marketing Guide).

Opt-in, Opt-out, Quit/end service needs to be in place (see marketing guide):

The Future about SMS:..Hopefully free. SMS costs in Europe are almost half of US, Asia about 1 Cent. There is currently no Mobile SMS advertising network for smaller SMS sites).

November 15, 2008

Flexible Displays

Wired reports that flexible displays might be here within 2-3 years. Crazy!

October 30, 2008

Cooliris Now On The Iphone

Have a look for yourself.Looks pretty good:

October 21, 2008


Pretty impressive startup from Japan…Tonchidot:

SekaiCameraDemoVideo of TechCrunch50

TechCrunch50: Super-funny, hilarious Q&A with tonchidot

September 10, 2008

Olympics On The Mobile

The past two years it hasn’t been really great to live on the East Coast while all big international sports events happen in Europe or Asia.

However Google’s Mobile team put up a mobile optimized site about the Summer Games 2008, which allows to check results anywhere at any time. Just visit this page on your mobile.

What a relieve for hardcore summer olympics fans

August 9, 2008

Iphone Stencils

Got I don’t like Graffeltopia (yes I still use a PC!), but they always come up with genius stuff:

Iphone Stencils

Click image to enlarge

June 23, 2008

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