Home Security Apps

As people become more mobile, it only makes sense that the home security and software industries would come up with a way to work together to increase home security options. There are numerous mobile apps for home security systems, and many of them work on multiple phone platforms. Here are 7 apps that will control home security systems remotely:

· FrontPoint Security – This security app can be downloaded to iPhone, Blackberry, and Android phones. The user can then monitor home activity while away by accessing the home alarm system to check status, monitor video, review entry and exit logs, and receive notifications of hazardous conditions in the home. Hazards would include fire, flooding, smoke, or freezing pipes.

· Alarm.com – This app is also available for iPhone, Blackberry, and Android. Home alarms can be accessed and controlled remotely. Many of the national alarm companies use the alarm.com software with just a few branding changes to make it look like their own. Alarm.com does not need an internet connection to access basic functions.

· Vector Security – Customers of this company can use the mobile app to control thermostats, alarms and lights, and they can also monitor video surveillance. This is an alarm.com program.

· ADT – ADT alarms and security systems are a household name, and now the security giant offers mobile access to home systems. However, the user will need a broadband connection to control an alarm system remotely.

· E-Secure for Protection One – this mobile application has improved to not only include remote bill pay and access to alarm date, but it will now control the home security system remotely. The app is available for all iPhone, Blackberry, and Android phones.

August 10, 2011

SafeSync: Secure Files and Simple Transfers

These days, there’s an app for everything. Today’s most-talked-about mobile apps include real-time maps, enhanced-reality programs that provide an information overlay for the world, and barcode scanners that instantly search prices over the Internet. While these programs are powerful and useful tools, it is quiet and unassuming data backup apps that have truly revolutionized the way we store and share information in the age of mobile technology. TrendMicro, a venerable software manufacturer best known for their web security software, has made the latest foray into this app genre with SafeSync. This program’s multi-platform compatibility and ease of use offers affordable, secure, off-site backup with a minimum of hassle for the end user.

Backups /Online storage solutions are without question the best way to secure important, vulnerable data. Different forms of data backup provide different degrees of security: merely copying a file to a different hard disk drive on the same computer offers no benefit if a power surge strikes or a burglar makes off with the computer. Similarly, backing up data onto physical media such as CDs or DVDs provides more protection, but is very time-consuming and requires organization and foresight. The most reliable options are data backup services that upload user data to an encrypted account; the redundancy and off-site nature of the backup mitigate nearly all threats.

SafeSync streamlines the off-site backup process. Users pay an annual fee in exchange for a preset amount of storage space; different packages allow users to choose a size that matches their needs. Because SafeSync works with Windows PCs, Macs, and both iOS and Android smartphones, users with a range of devices can rely on SafeSync for easy file transfer. In essence, SafeSync functions as a high-capacity shared folder that users can access from nearly anywhere, improving productivity and data security at the same time.

SafeSync’s range of features includes version-history maintenance, i.e. the program keeps a history of previously saved versions of files in case of accidental edits or damage to a current file. In addition, SafeSync integrates with social networks, allowing users to upload files and photos from any computer or mobile device. Most importantly, SafeSync’s security is military-grade: TrendMicro’s 256-bit AES encryption system is identical to that used by various online banks and many government agencies. AES is thought to be unbreakable by standard methods, meaning that your data will always be safe from prying eyes or anyone wishing to modify it. For peace of mind in the face of data dangers, SafeSync is one of the best choices on the web.

April 3, 2011

Shopping Kangaroos And Other “Mobile Devices” In Australia

I’ve been talking to my friend over in Melbourne and was wondering what I could pick up as a gift from my vacation. I heard tons of people buy the didgeridoos instruments when Shopping Australia, but I would be too afraid that the airline (Cathay Pacific) might break it.
No with all seriousness: I am sure some electronic devices will be cheaper over there. They might have shipped a bit longer, but due to the great exchange rate, it’ll be worth it.

I defintely won’t buy a GPS device, but I am sure a good camera or some good Australian wine would look great in my cabinet.

Since I cannot get a real Kangaroo home and the Kangaroo sneakers are not in style…I’d maybe should go for the Krazyrunner – one of the best “mobile devices” in the market :). I bet it even beats the Iphone.

But wait..they are not goo in terms of weight. Oh well…maybe Joey the Kangaroo will be a good one.

November 3, 2010

Mobile Coupon Codes 2.0 – Where is it?

I’ve recently digged into various coupon sites online and besides the Groupon.com hype, I only found Retailmenot as one of the best ones out there.

But where doe we stand with mobile coupons? Foursquare and others already help us to check in and share location based data. Why is nobody going into the local coupon space. Just putting your status on “hungry” and while walking by tons of restaurants you get bombarded with offers from different restaurateurs or sites like Opentable.com.

It’s an incredible difficult field to compete with, but where the hell are these offers? I am waiting for a few years now that somebody starts a digital signage business that reacts on localized data.

The walled gardens are not really there anymore and smart phones are able to offer better and better services to app developers, so can some smart developer please put that app up and allows me to get the best pizza deal based on my Twitter status.

Social media meets localized mobile marketing is something I just cannot wait for anymore Where is my coupon code 🙂

May 4, 2010

Presentationdirectly from Blackberry

Pretty cool new presentation tool from RIM: The Blackberry Presenter. Now you can leave your laptop at home…and just show your PPT from your phone. Sweet 🙂

CES 2010: BlackBerry Presenter Hands On

March 3, 2010

Good Bye Time Warner TV/VOIP

Finally my last connection with Time Warner is done. After years of dependency to magazines, internet, email and TV, I’ve made the jump to the  Dish Network.

The guys over at USDish.com just hooked me up and I finally can watch my beloved Food network, ESPN and my local channels  again.

Time Warner just got on my nerves, after I received hundreds of telephone offers on my VOIP phone. On top my price raised to $150/month (from $99 in the beginning), which I thought was ridiculous.

Well…now it’s done. No more mortgage and credit card phone calls at 7pm! I feel good 🙂

February 3, 2010

Webhosting issues

Apologies again for our hosting issues. We still have performance issues with Dreamhost and looking into other webhosting companies. Any recommendations about a cheap and reliable hosting company is always welcome.

Thanks for your patience.

Joblogger Team

December 29, 2009

Mifi – mobile internet

Pretty cool gadget, but well under public radar: The MIFI wireless network to go. Instead of using a surfstick or UMTS card this is the coolest gadget for 2009. Really like it a lot. Wonder why nobody really write about it.

It’s portable and allows up to 5 devices to connect. Perfect for meeting or any kind of group travel.

November 9, 2009

Crust n’ rust

Pretty cool new Iphone Skin….Crusts n’ rust! The rusty look certainly takes away that snobbish Iphone image and makes it look pretty cool. Would be interesting to see if people really think that this is rust : )Check it out:

Found via Infectious

July 23, 2009

Iwedding App

Since we are in the middle of the weddding season I was wondering if there is really an Iphone app for weddings. And yes…there is a free wedding planner app called iWedding.
The app manages from the gift registry and wedding music ideas up to wedding invitations and inspiration for dresses, venues and cakes pretty much everything.
Personally I think this is a little over the top, but I bet there are enough Iphone addicts, who will like that. I really cannot wait for the new Apple ad: Wedding issues? There is an app for that 🙂


July 13, 2009

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