Visualobserver Review – A new competitive analytics software

I’ve been just testing Visualobserver beta and I am blown away by the software. It’s the first software that allows competitive analytics.

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 8.16.16 PM

I wished I could talk more about it, but it’s something you have to experience for your self. You can easily sign up there.

October 11, 2015

Insuring My Rental Car (and Iphone)

Last month I flew to Europe & rented a brand new car (Ford Mondeo) for 31 days and just used my Credit Card for coverage as well as the standard insurance coverage provided by the rental company.

What I didn’t expect is the fact that I got into a hail storm in Austria (see pic below), which was so bad, that the car was covered with dents all over the place and I now will probably get invoiced $1k, which is my deductible for the car.
My CC (Mastercard) won’t cover just because of the fact that I rented the car longer than 30 days (who would have guessed that?)

You probably start laughing a bit now. But let’s calculate: With additional full coverage with no deductible the insurance would have added about $20 extra per day, which would be $620 for the full month.Overall savings would have been ~$500. So yeah..makes me feel better, but still bad.

I was wondering now what I should do for my next business trip to Mexico. Should I get a Mexican insurance on top? I think so. The reasoning is just clear: 1. Insurance to go south of the border is just much cheaper than insurance in Europe 2. I won’t be travelling for 30 days plus. 3. The chance of the hail storm is unlikely, but cars getting stolen is just too common in Mexico. 4. Deductibles are very low. 5. My Iphone is included in some insurances, so the extra coverage should help.

Would you insure your car and phone when traveling to Mexico? Would you insure only one of them?

September 11, 2012

Hanging Out At The Vatican

I’ve been waiting to make a trip to Italy for a while, but finally decided to visit Rome this summer.
It’s not for business or a mobile expo, but I am still going to be excited to see how a country that lives outside will use the mobile phone.

My extended family and me will be staying in the Vatican quarter. Not in a hotel, but rather at a residence roma. We were neve thrilled to stay in an 80ties hotel for $200/night, so an apartment complex will be it.
What’s great about rented apartments is the fact that I can bring my kids and cook our own meals without feeling awkward.
The apartment also has free WiFi, so I don’t need to pay for it every day and beg the hotel to set it up for $30/day. Last..the apartment complex we picked has a gym and in striking distance to the Vatican and all the other beautiful things that I haven’t seen. This will be my first time in Rome and after reading 3+ years Latin books in school I finally made my way over there.

Apologies for the offtopic stuff, but sometimes I just get excited and blast out a post like this 🙂

May 10, 2012

Kindi Software

Today I once more encountered that someone “sucked” my flash script off the web. So after a bit of research I googled Kindi.

Kindisoft is a pretty interesting product, that I just saw. It’s basically a software that protects ActionScript v1, v2 and v3. Scraper tools like Flashscraper and others cannot be used to pull info anymore.

Kindisoft secureSWF stops all known Flash decompilers and disassemblers using the following advanced mechanisms:

Control flow obfuscation.
Dynamic code wrapping.
Statement-level randomization.

I am sure it’s a great product and will cover 99% of Flash pulls as of today. However, 100% is never given.

July 14, 2011

Iheadphones for Ipad

I was pretty annoyed with the little headset that Apple offers when delivering an Iphone. The Ipad however did not even come with a headphone, so I decided to get out there and buy one.

Since I am currently in the UK…I thought… Bestbuy, but mayb one of these crappy Radio shack clones should have it. I guess I was wrong.

So, where else can a pseudo blogger go: The internet.
Was checking out different places such as Headphoneworld and Tesco online, but all not my taste. I did not want to get Bose headphones. They are just too expensive and did not want to spend the money.

So found a great shop and bought picked one of a bunch of great headphones

Aerial& Matador Midnight in Black – 49 Pounds and a bit. Wonder if people will call me out as “Eurotrash” once I am back in the US 🙂

November 2, 2010

Mobile Clubbing

Strange cult importet from Brazil, but rapidly sweeping around the globe is “Mobile Clubbing”. Clubs are organzied thorugh the internet, mobile phones and word of mouth. This week a few undercover London clubs  are going to be organized and the crowds will maybe head there again.

However…why would someone visit a mobile club? I guess it’s mostly curiosity and the feeling of having some kind of power.  Especially the more artsy crowd.

Well let’s hope that by dancing in public mobile clubbers will have fun. I certainly will digg in their mobile guestlist and see if I can jump on board one day 🙂

December 12, 2009

Funny Ebay Feedbacks

There is literally no site in the world that is safe from crazy people. By coincidence I just found a guy who leaves a funny Ebay feedback all over the place. Not sure what rides him, but definitely funny. Here a few:

Are you seriously this excited about an Ipod? You need a woman!

Please write more nice stuff about me next time. It makes me feel good.

You should tell Ebay I’m great so they’ll stop threatening to kill my account.

I bought this video only to hear that hot Beach Boys song on the end.
More from this guy here.

August 14, 2009

Swap out your surveillance cameras with WiSpi EX30

If you ever thought about getting a few surveillance cameras up, but never installed it, b/c it’s a huge pain, maybe the following is the solution for you.  Now you’ve got a solution with WIspi EX 30. WiSpi is a security camera that transmit pics to a handheld screen or has a built-in DVR and night vision.


Check the video to see how it could work:

Certainly an interesting idea. I always wondered why the old-school baby monitors are just not transmitting to a cell or the Inet. Especially since everybody has wireless in their house nowadays.

Dropping $17.5k on a Nintendo game

This is quite offtopic, but I am stunned about the geekness of today’s world. In the old days, humans collected stamps and just looking at the Blue Mauritius stamp in a collectors catalog was just the highlight of day.

Today I saw that a collector dropped almost $20k on a good old Nintendo game. Pretty sick!


August 4, 2009

Itouch Charger

A little offtopic, but the past few days I was looking at an Iphone / Itouch charger, so I finally can get that little gadget charged again. The entire process with charging my Itouch with a USB cable is just no fun and super time intensive.

I checked out a few cellular accessories stores on the web and there is so many different variations ( Wall charger / Car charger / Sync & Charger / Charger stations  and even Solar Chargers), that i got fed up and ordered a $4.95 charger at Ebay.

The solar chargers looked nice and I am usually for the environment, but $79 to get my Itouch refueld?
Sorry…not in my book 🙂

So long story short: If you need a charger for your Itouch/Iphone you don’t need to run to Apple and spend $30 for it.

I am PC 🙂

May 28, 2009

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