Siri By Apple

I was a bit overwhelmed when the Iphone came out, but it had it’s flaws. The same feeling I have with the brand new Siri from Apple:
It’ll be the sickest game changer for mobile. But only…if it works!

I am blown away by the functionality and when I spoke to friends recently and bitched about the stupidity of email….I now can see a solution. And the solution looks promising:



October 8, 2011

Techcrunch Mobile Wars Live Stream

Interesting live stream currently over at Techcrunch. Especially the current fight between Apple’s OS, Windows Mobile, Nokia’s symbian and whatever Google has in mind.

Check here for more info.

July 25, 2008

Facebook Platform 2.0 = Mobile Platform?

Iphone is the hottest developer platform out there right now. Facebook, Android and Myspace probably currently close behind.

But what will the Facebook 2.0 platform be? A platform to bring the Facebook apps on the mobile? I am not sure about that, but great thoughts over at Cenet’s article “Facebook platfrom 2.0: Is mobile the key?”

July 19, 2008