Mobile Website Builder Software Reviews

Similiar to website building company WebStarts more and more companies are considering developing mobile websites without having extensive knowledge of the mobile space.

Mobile purchasing is a growing industry that requires the attention of business owners. Many business owners are nurturing their company’s primary websites, but little attention has been dedicated to mobile websites and purchases made on those websites. Yankee Group predicts that the number of global mobile transactions will almost reach $1 trillion by 2014. Since millions of dollars in mobile transactions occur daily, business owners must ensure they have the infrastructure and technology to address these business needs.Here are a few mobile website builder software companies that will help business owners build their mobile websites and capitalize on the millions of dollars that exchange hands daily in the online mobile community:

Wix allows business owners to build and host mobile websites for free. This company is one of the few companies that offers free templates and free hosting. The options are tremendous for companies with limited budgets. Companies can now afford to launch a website for mobile applications without paying a web designer an additional fee for the functionality. Wix will guide business owners through the process of building and hosting the mobile website.There are over 100 different customizable templates to select for the mobile design. There is even a template that allows users to build the website from scratch. With mobile shopping cart technology and increased visibility, business owners have nothing to lose.

Google Sites

Google Sites allows users to build their mobile websites in minutes instead of days. Since Google Sites is free, there is nothing to lose by building a mobile website. The process is simple and easy-to-follow. If your company already has a primary website, GoMo will evaluate your existing website and make recommendations for improvement for a mobile website. Once the website is built, website builders can evaluate the effectiveness of the mobile website.There are several different templates available to address a variety of industries. For instance, there are pre-established mobile templates for restaurants, lead generation, local business, eCommerce and social. Customized mobile websites are also available. Users may choose from over five different template colors.


Wapple empowers its users by providing tools to assist with mobile website design. The company ensures that mobile websites are optimized to perform on every mobile platform on the market. Wapple mobile site builder software is award winning.Users have the opportunity to take advantage of a free trial, but there will be some charges assessed after the trial is complete. Wapple professionals offer customers a full range of mobile web services which include: creative guidance, design, website development, marketing, consultation and assistance with deployment. Tutorials are also available to guide users through the process of mobile website development.


GoMobi recognizes that business owners depend on the revenue from the mobile web to survive. GoMobi provides services to ensure revenue increase once the mobile website is developed. The company assists customers by ensuring that the mobile website renders properly across 9,000 different mobile devices. GoMobi allows users to use customer feedback and data to build websites tailored to each customer’s feedback.Since GoMobi sites are hosted in the cloud, accessibility is easier. Changes can be made from any location anywhere with minimal effort. GoMobi incorporates many features to make the process of mobile website development easier. The development process is easy enough for even a non-technical person to understand.

Your Company Cannot Afford To Delay Mobile Website Development. Select a mobile website builder software to meet your company’s needs. With the number of dollars generated from mobile transactions, companies cannot afford to not claim their portion of the market share. Consider how mobile website builder software can help your company build a mobile website that will help your company achieve their mobile revenue goals.

July 31, 2012

Ventrilo Servers and Hosts

Ventrilo is a voice-over-IP (VoIP) software allowing for effective voice or text communication. It consists of two parts: a server, hosted by one person, which functions as a hub for people to connect, utilizing the client. All users who wish to join a server must have a client. Ventrilo features a simple, intuitive interface easy for new users to grasp, and it uses minimal CPU resources which makes it ideal for running in the background to maintain communication while other programs are open.

For this reason, Ventrilo (or Vent, as it’s referred to by gamers) is the preferred voice chat medium of online multi-player games such as World of Warcraft or Call of Duty. High-speed communication allows for greater organization and efficiency in team game play, and permits players to stay connected even if the game crashes. To a lesser extent, Ventrilo servers are also used for taking phone calls in a radio broadcast and for more general voice chatting.

The Ventrilo client and server are free for download for a server taking on fewer than eight users. Otherwise, a server must be purchased or rented from a company licensed to host servers. Server rental is the cheapest and most common option.

TNCC Hosting ( has a reputation for affordable rates and prompt customer service. The support line connects to someone to help quickly, and they are always upfront and honest with their customers.

Instant Ventrilo ( is very flexible about increasing or decreasing server capacity, has no limits on bandwidth or quality settings, and is highly reliable.

Dark Star, LLC ( provides excellent rates for high-volume servers and puts them on excellent bandwidth. They provide all the voice codecs, and even in the middle of the night, support tickets are answered within minutes. Buyer beware, however, as there have been reports of difficulty cancelling Dark Star service.

TypeFrag ( has numerous servers across the US and Canada and has well-priced package deals, including 15% off for a 3-month subscription. Over several years, TypeFrag shows minimal downtime and helpful support.

Gameservers ( is immensely popular and suffers from some quality loss due to overload, but they are very reasonably priced and serve quite well for casual users.

Explore various options before choosing a Ventrilo server as it’s a waste of money to rent a server inconsistent with the user’s needs. High-performance servers are not necessary for general chat functions, but a gamer clan or guild with many members may need to invest more into a server to attain the degree of communication needed.

October 23, 2010

Mobile Game Server

The other day I was wondering how long it would take until the server industry is targeting the mobile market. Mobile Multiplayer Game Server are ready to take off all over the place and especially after the Ipad’s a questions of weeks or months and not years.

Multiplayer games also will require proprietary VOIP technology for communication purposes. One of them is ventrilo. I am sure ventrilo server will be more and more required, but not sure how the mobile carriers will allow such services to “undermine” their networks.

With the installation of the ventrilo clients and ventrilo servers from companies such as or users will be able to participate in conference-calls. Licence for ventrilo is usually free as long as less than 8 users participate in the conference. All information about the ventrilo freeware and paid support can be found at

April 25, 2010

WAP Hosting

Since normal web hosting companies are beating each other up with additional services, the mobile wap hosting business is completely different. Most companies offer complete website builders and wap hosting solutions for free. Some even use tickets and a ticketing service to provide full customer support online.

There are several good companies out there but it’s sometimes tough to distinguish. Here a few ideas of where to host a mobile website:

1. Host locally
I think this is one of the most important things to do. Host your website in the target country

2. Host with larger companies or reliable companies that are ideally affiliated with the carriers.
You certainly don’t want to be blocked by a carrier if you run a serious business on the mobile web.

3. Multiple Device Hosting
Make sure hosting supports multiple devices. There are several settings that could make mobile devices cause errors or problems. Hosting a mobile website should be open to as many mobile devices as possible.  Especially for mobile analytics data is something you might also don’t want to share with third parties

4. No traffic limit
The mobile ESPN site receives more traffic than the regular ESPN site. Make sure that you have enough resources to support seasonal traffic

November 3, 2009