The top 5 Apps For Pimping Out Your Nest

I was always impressed by great design and look of certain apps and websites. It started back in the day when derbauer was the best Flash website on the market. Lately I’ve got very impressed by Airbnb’s design as well as Pinterest’s content, which is just outstanding.

On my cell I’ve really recently discovered  apps, which gives me great ideas about pimping out my house and garden. Here are my top 5:

1. – A collaborative platform for home remodeling and design, bringing homeowners and home professionals together. Very visual….very interesting…so many cool ideas.

2. Home Interiors Ideas HD

Design ideas for all parts of your house. You can select different rooms and then filter from there. Also includes some Jacuzzi design options (for the rich of us :))

3. iHome HD

Quite a bunch of pics about  your home with intuitive UI. You can zoom in, fade away the tiles, so pretty seamless and fast scrolling through tons of pics. Also a free version with a few pics exist.

4. MyGarden App

Social networking about gardening. Ask questions about your garden shed, plants, watering…

5. GardenSheds
All about garden sheds, garden design with youtube videos and instructions. Great resource!


November 16, 2012

Forex Apps

So we’ve been testing a few Forex apps for the Iphone lately and wanted to give a bit of an overview of what you could use for your trading needs, news or forex analysis.

Forextrader from

What we liked about’s Forextrader is the fact that you can setup a practice account for learning how forex trading works.
The app has a nice dashboard that summarizes Balance, Positions and orders. The Trade part of the app shows you real-time stats on the minute, which is something every app offers, but we like the way it is displayed.
For the Tools part the app includes Market updates, recent news and forex insider tips. The Economic calendar shows real-time country stats such as unemployment rate or PMI Manucaturing index.
The report section of Forextrader is also quite impressive: You always can pull recent activity, Realized P&L, Rollover history and obviously order history.

Overall a great app for beginners and professionals, who like to be on the pulse of Forex trading.

Meta Trader Version 4

First thing we didn’t like about Metatraader is the fact that they ask you for your phone number. We’ll drop our CC, but I don’t think that for a practice account you should be required to give away your cell number.

Once logged in we were also kind of confused with the setup of Meta trader. The dashboard was a bit confusing, but after reading on their website, it was clear to us how to use it. Trix and Trema indicators are a nice feature and the charts look good once setup right.
Overall the app however is for professionals and not beginners, which we’d like to recommend it only to people, who have trading experience.

FXCM Mobile Trader
FXCM is clearly one of the global market leaders in Forex trading. There app is intuitive and beloved by a lot of people.
The app also offers market news and allows to deposit fund and to place market order. Their charts are also up to date and in real-time. Micro clients will be charged $0.10 per micro lot per trade.

Easy Forex app
The Easy forex Iphone apps shows live rates of over 100 currencies including oil and gold.
Besides that standard features, easy-forex has an inside viewer that let’s you see which currencies are most popularly traded. On top the app gives you a weekly outlook, so you can prepare yourself before putting new orders in.

Forex on the Go’s best features is the ability to use it without signing up or creating an account. Once downloaded the app works and you can instantly use it.
The Lite app also includes all Forex features including a Fibonacci Retracement calcualator and Pivot point calculator

To summarize our impression from all the apps:

All apps seem to cover the basics and can help you understand your Forex needs. Some apps need more time to get used to, but they all do a well job to get your needs covered.

May 2, 2012

Apps Replace Websites

It’s quite interesting to see musicians nowadays have to get in the app market in order to not loose distance with their fans.
David Guetta one of the most famous DJs in the world now has an app, which gets managed by his recording company. The app basically replaces the website, which is a trend that we’ll see moving forward in the next few years and possibly Google’s downfall (and probably the reason why the push Android and Google+ so hard).

Anyways…if you want this App below, get it here

January 13, 2012

Mobile Printing Apps

Mobile printing apps are becoming popular for mobile device users worldwide. There are now printing apps for Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry devices. The mobile printing apps are designed for printing photos, documents, address labels and many other digital formats.

Most mobile printing apps are available for download from the digital marketplaces and online app stores such as the iTunes store. There are versions available for your specific mobile device, but the majority are useable by multiple platforms without much hassle. With these mobile printing solutions are offered wireless printing options. This means that you can print online from anywhere to any printing device that is part of your network. This makes for easy printing of documents worldwide with only the mobile printing app and the device it has been downloaded into. This maybe one of the best innovations that has happened in the history of digital technology, but definitely the most user friendly advancement of the information age.

There are several apps for mobile printing available today. Some popular apps include PrinterOn, HP iPrint Photo, PrinterShare Mobile Print and PrintJinni. Nearly every major manufacturer has developed a mobile printer app and the numbers are growing daily. It is almost a fashionable trend to design your own app for mobile printing, but the best apps are currently coming from companies that have their hands in both modern printing and mobile app development. All mobile apps for printing are also dependent greatly on having a printer that is higher quality, so there is still need of a good printer as an end device. Apps are only apps, but quality equipment is still king.

As the wireless technologies advance, so will the apps designed to keep up the pace with these advancements. Innovative apps and higher upgrades in printing devices will continue for sometime by current trends. Soon there will be inevitable changes that come from the testing of current technologies, but the future is sure to see more mobile printing apps being developed. For the market of mobile device users are demanding the ability to print wirelessly and the marketplace is responding accordingly. When you look at your mobile device and the apps available for download think about mobile printing apps, but remember that there are many choices for your needs. Choose the mobile printing apps best suited to your needs and your online devices before downloading anything. Your choices shape the online marketplace.

August 20, 2011

From Engagment App To The Fake Smoker – Crazy Apps

If you think that you’ve seen it all, here a few crazy apps, that will blow you away:

Ok… old and boring,but here our top 5

Passion App:
Measures passion and tells you how to increase it.

Fake Smoker: You can light up a cigar on your phone. Whenever you want

Pimple Popper: Allows you to pop pimples. Yeah right 🙂

Sim Stapler: Makes you fell like you stapling something. Who needs that?

Date Checker: Check out if your date is sleaze or check the interests

but whatever…..the engagement ring finder app from Tiffany’s, which allows you to pick from 100s of engagement rings is still one of my favorite.

January 22, 2011

Mobile App Craziness

So I bought the 4G phone and got a lot of shit for it: All the Iphone fanboys attacked me and besides not having Itunes…they were all just plain wrong.

The attack that Droid doesn’t have many apps was kind of a joke. There are just so many useless Iphone apps, that I started stop counting. The popular and useful apps nowadays get instantly developed for IOs and Droid. Everything else also wouldn’t make sense.

But well…maybe my Iphone friends are right. I am having a massage tomorrow and I highly doubt, that the Shiatsu App is something the Droid marketplace doesn’t offer 🙂

December 1, 2010

Overview Mobile Coupon Apps

The online coupon craziness finally reached the mobile app market.  First and foremost Groupon, who made the loudest noise across the web. But also other services such as Yowza or Gilt have a fair share of the market.

Here a list of services:

Groupon Mobile App: Local results from across the web. Customized to specific location

Couponsherpa: Old and aged coupon service. Mostly for in-store coupons

Couponheaven: Coupon codes for all kinds of services. Mostly online, less in-store – Old and aged coupon service out of California

Shooqer – Mobile Coupon App

Conterable Mobile Coupons – Mostly lifestyle coupons

There are many more services, but these are the most common used ones. For a full list visit

November 23, 2010

Acupuncture app and how to spam the search engines

iLocate is pretty cool Acupuncture application which allows you tofind out where all the accupuncturists are. The app is based on your location.

Well this sounds quite interesting doesn’t it? Well this app is obviously not advertised for acupuncture, but rather to spam some search engines.
I think most people tend to just walk around and not care about the closest actupuncturist, but rather the closest Itialian restaurant.

So what does this tell us?

Mobile apps become so main stream that companies set up affiliate programs and try push there product out there as much as they can. Once an app is downloaded….it’s there and won’t move unless you really screw up. I bet a bunch of companies haven’t even considered that. Just imagine every time you go to you offline desk you have a stapler from XYZ standing there. Pretty sick.

Anyways…..if you really need acupuncture visit or read more about it at your local acupuncture society.

October 26, 2010

Remote Control Apps

So…since I finally became an Apple fan userand owner of Ipods & Ipads….I am quite impressed of how good the appworld works for everything, that could be controlled via remote.

Be it my AC through my local electricity, my PC via Splashtop or Netflix on my TV. It’s amazing what Apps can do with your life.

A friend of mine even got so far to buy a drone with cameras. Just sick to fly around and watch on your Ipad or Iphone what’s happening around you.

I am sure that people even develop remote car starters , so you can keyless enter your car and get it warm in the winter.  Actually…just googled it and there is an app for the Viper.

Well whatever…as long as I cannot remotely walk my dog….nothing special 🙂

October 13, 2010

Ipad As 2nd Screen

Pretty cool invention over at Avatron Software. Avatron developed a software, which let’s you use the Ipad as a 2nd monitor. All you have to do is login into your Mac or Windows PC and add the software.

August 30, 2010

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