Mobile Interactive Campaigns – McDonalds case study

Mobile interactive campaigns are pretty interesting and we here at Viooli always wondered if they really work. Apparently McDonalds Sweden ran a pretty big campaign quite successfully. Check it out and let us know what you think:

June 5, 2011

Top 8 Largest Mobile Networks

The Washington Times just announced the largest Mobile Ad networks. And results are surprising to me. I thought that Admob is by far bigger than any of the other one’s:

1. Millennial – 45.6 million uniques
2. Yahoo – 36.1 million uniques
3. Google – 31.9 million  uniques
4. AOL/Platfrom A -28.6 million uniques
5. Admob 25.7 million uniques
6. MSN Adnotwork -25.4 million uniques
7. Jumptap 23.4 million uniques
8. Quattro Wireless: 23 million uniques

August 10, 2009

Mobile Book Club Case Study

I haven’t really followed much the innovative side of the mobile e-commerce industry even that I  know that
a ton of innovation is happening there.

An interesting case stuff was recently published by the MMA Global:

ECI, a part of the Bertelsmann Group (Randomhouse) was trying to sell more memberships through a mobile
channel. Book clubs are a huge business, since they usually  require a monthly subscription or a minimum active order of their memebers.

ECI’s  wanted to increase orders through their channel, retention of members as well as create some buzz around their brand.

Here’s what they tried:

-Quaterly automated SMS with specialized and personalized offers
-Complete SMS ordering channel
-SMS sweepstakes / contests with coupons

Results were amazing:
40.000 members participated in the sweepstakes / several thousand orders were placed by SMS each week.

Now say what you want. Mobile marketing is still untapped.

June 5, 2009

Mobile Advertising Works

Read write web posted a small article about Mobile Advertising and how it can work:
“For the much-sought-after and elusive 18-24 year old segment of the market, mobile advertising has promise. In fact, according to data from a BIGresearch study, it’s twice as effective among younger consumers with 14.2% of 18 to 24 year-olds saying that mobile video influenced them and 15.9% saying text messaging did.”

June 28, 2008

Branding Impact On Mobile Advertising

New Line Cinema ran a test on the ad-supported Greystripe mobile game network.

Results are interesting:

Mobile advertising on the Greystripe network led to ignificant increases in awareness of and interest in The Golden Compass” film. The ads were not only highly noticed by the overall audience

“Mobile Ad Awareness increased by +59.7 percentage points — but respondents exposed to the ads also exhibited a 19.3 percentage-point increase in awareness of the film’s title.
Furthermore, ad exposure resulted in a +9.5 percentage-point increase in interest in seeing the film among overall respondents. “

Entire study here 

April 20, 2008

Tesco: Mobile advertising works

Businessweek reports about Tesco’s success in mobile advertising:

“The mobile virtual network operator has been trialling a WAP advertising portal since May 2007, which Tesco said has displayed strong month-on-month growth, gaining 300,000 unique visitors in December.

Banner advertising served up on the portal delivered a click-through rate to tailored WAP campaign sites of between three and seven per cent, said Tesco. Brands advertising on the portal included Bee Movie, ITV, Nivea and Teletext.

Tesco said the user-base of the portal has a strong segment of female household budget owners with an average age of 36—a demographic it said is particularly valuable for fast-moving consumer goods such as toiletries and cleaning products.”

April 16, 2008

Mobile Advertising stats

Admob release their latest stats and it’s extremely impressive:


December 17, 2007