Mobile Is The 7th Mass Medium

Well said and I think it is right on. The recent Iphone hype just shows how much power the Iphone has. I only got hooked up with an Itouch and keep my thrid “Blackbatterydrainage” in my pocket, while using the Itouch to test and play around with stuff.

Here the official article and 7 (coincidence) world wonders reasons why the 7th Mass Medium has arrived:

“1 – The mobile phone is the first personal mass media
2 – The mobile is permanently carried media
3 – The mobile is the only always-on mass media
4 – Mobile is the only mass media with a built-in payment mechanism
5 – Mobile is only media available at the point of creative inspiration
6 – Mobile is only media with accurate audience measurement
7 – Mobile captures the social context of media consumption”

I agree that the Mobile has a lot of potential and as we’ve seen new design and bigger screens will overcome the bad mobile web experience of past years. However the switch from PC to phone might take some time and even today I spent way more time in front of the PC instead of playing with my mobile.

Having said that I live in the US and from my travels all around the world, I know that the mobile has way more influence in other countries, especially tiger states or third world.

It will be exciting and we will hopefully be a small part of the 7th Mass Medium

July 16, 2008

Top retails searches using 411 service in 2007

Interesting stats regarding the 411 service in 2007:

3.Game Stop
4.Best Buy
9. Toys R Us
10. Blockbuster Video
11. CVS
12. Circuit City
13. Home Depot
14. Radio Shack
15. Sears

December 18, 2007