The G1 (Google HTC T-Mobile Android) Has Arrived!

I am so glad that I tested the mobile web with my Ipod Touch and didn’t fall for the Iphone. I always was and am more intrigued of what Google is doing since they not only come out with superior products, but also have an incredible reach.

So here it is not a “dream”…and I am sure I will wait in line this time: The Google Android G1 Phone

T-Mobile G1 Android Released : Full Details of the Google Android HTC Dream Phone

HTC T-mobile G1 Google Android Dream Phone (Animated Demo)

September 23, 2008

Google Translate Now For Iphone

What a great day…I scratched my Itouch even that several sources told me that it is immune to scratches. Well….I guess my sources were wrong.

Anyways…Google Translate for Iphone launched. It let’s you translate into different languages on the go:

August 11, 2008

Google Iphone App Upgraded

Arnold Zafra over at just posted about the latest Google mobile app tweaking. I guess the engineers fear to loose some share and constantly work on their product.

According to Arnold the speed improved twice and optimized for search.

July 19, 2008

Typing On A Mobile – Google Suggest Form

In an effort to help the mobile users, Google studied the effect of incorporating a feature like Google Suggest on mobile phones with 9-key keypads.

Here are the results of the study “Query Suggestions for Mobile Search: Understanding Usage Patterns.”:

“We found that these users respond favorably to query suggestions: Users who were shown suggestions while typing their query rated their overall enjoyment higher and perceived workload lower than users who were not shown suggestions. Users who were shown suggestions also reduced their overall key presses by half. Surprisingly, the time to enter a query for these users was not significantly less than the average time needed to enter queries for users who were not shown any suggestions.”

Very interesting study. Especially when it comes to buying a .mobi domain, a lot of people forget to think about the issues that come with a mobile keyboard.

June 3, 2008

Google Mobile Team at Macworld

If you have missed visiting the Google booth at the Macworld conference and Expo,

here a great video of the Google Mobile team.

It seems like everybody had a great time at their booth.

January 19, 2008