Acupuncture app and how to spam the search engines

iLocate is pretty cool Acupuncture application which allows you tofind out where all the accupuncturists are. The app is based on your location.

Well this sounds quite interesting doesn’t it? Well this app is obviously not advertised for acupuncture, but rather to spam some search engines.
I think most people tend to just walk around and not care about the closest actupuncturist, but rather the closest Itialian restaurant.

So what does this tell us?

Mobile apps become so main stream that companies set up affiliate programs and try push there product out there as much as they can. Once an app is downloaded….it’s there and won’t move unless you really screw up. I bet a bunch of companies haven’t even considered that. Just imagine every time you go to you offline desk you have a stapler from XYZ standing there. Pretty sick.

Anyways…..if you really need acupuncture visit or read more about it at your local acupuncture society.

October 26, 2010

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